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Personal, Passionate & Provocative

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

Yep, we're here. I finally did it! After months of writing, editing, rebranding and self sabotage, I finally said F it! The hardest thing about writing seems to be reading it to myself. I dealt with fear, comparison, procrastination and (of course) grammatical insecurities. Maybe this isn't what you expected, or hell maybe it is. However, I can say that this is 100% me. Know that I will deliver only what is real, not social but what is felt and not discussedt. Inspite of popularity or trend, it will be honest, affirming, and reflective.

Just to set the tone, and the level of expectation one might have, let me walk you through what this is. Think of my blog as a match you swiped left on. Aesthetically pleasing, just the right height, no kids, good job and a cute but corny one liner that keeps you interested. I will woo you with my extensive vocabulary, engage in banter that may not be suitable for children. You will giggle in a slightly sensual but not uncomfortable way, while selfishly teasing your curiosity as to what "we could be". The charming and self indulgent conversations of intimacy, self care and all things sensorial will be discussed. While commanding your attention, I'll touch you in the deepest of places, invoking an overflow of emotion. Optimistic and ambitious, you came. Witty and wildly uninhibited, I finish.

I gather my things. Before I leave, I touch bend of your chin in thanks and praise of your performance. Sweet kiss on the forehead as your eyes lead me to the door. I leave you with thoughts and questions unanswered, but I'll be back.

So, I hope the lines are clear and that I see you again.

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